Supporters & Sponsors

The past couple of years we put a lot of effort in turning Orion into a ‘go anywhere boat’. Now that we are taking Ocean Conservation to the next level we need to turn her into a ‘stay anywhere-boat’. That will enable us to work into the remotest of places where help is needed most.


So when we decided to install a watermaker, it made sense to contact Rob Wink Serious Seatools. In the past years we had already done business with him in a very pleasant way. He is trustworthy, his service is impeccable, and the products he sells are the best on the market. He uses everything he sells himself, so he knows his merchandise thorougly. On his website you can find more Serious seatools:


Of course we did some research ourselves as well. It turns out that Schenker watermakers stand out when compared to other watermakers. They are silent, easy to maintain and use 80% (!) less energy than watermakers with conventional technology.

Both Rob Wink and Schenker were willing to contribute to Ocean Conservation. Many thanks!