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Why We Support Who

Talking and thinking about how to give meaning to the concept of Ocean Conservation it became crystal clear to us that there were already a lot of organizations doing a great job out there. So it soon became obvious that it would be stupid to start something completely new. By the way, what is new when is comes to ocean conservation? 

We also discovered by focusing on all that is already going on that there are many, many ways to contribute.  When defining how we wanted to make ourselves useful for the planet we focused on two things: Awareness and Action.

Creating Awareness is one thing, but it is Action coming from new Awareness that brings real change. To sum it up, we looked for organizations

  • that are working with local people that also benefit from the program
  • that work with of for scientists
  • where bringing awareness is a key point
  • where real action is taken with visible effects not only on the environment but also on the communities living in the areas where they operate


So far we have teamed up with two organizations Oceanswatch and Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation. Let us introduce them to you briefly:

Oceanswatch is an NGO that is based in New Zealand. Chris Bone, the leader and founder, is unstoppable when it comes to his motto Cruising with a Cause. The cause is helping coastal communities conserve their marine environments, develop sustainable livelihoods and ensure access to primary schools. Doing that he works with sailors, divers and scientists worldwide.

Every year new projects are being set up. For instance they teach how to do reef checks and help communities set up new business, like the Coconut Oil Project. In this the women on the Solomon Islands form a cooperative to sell organic coconut oil.

Check out all their good work at: . There are many ways to help them fulfill their mission.

“Anyone can be a scientist”  is one of the mottos of Adventurers and Scientists. These guys are hardcore enthusiasts about two things: the outdoors and science. So Gregg Treinish, founder and adventurer, combined the two by building partnerships between people enjoying nature in whatever way (biking, kayaking, hiking, sailing etc etc) and scientists who are in need of valuable data. The ultimate goal behind this all is of course to provide scientists with data with which they can influence decision makers to make the best possible choices.

Gregg asc

Their website: . They offer great projects that you too can participate in. And you don’t necessarily have to be a sailor, any outdoor activity has its opportunities. Check it out!



The third organization we would like to put under your attention is Seashepherd. This is a bit of a different story, because they already have a lot of exposure. Edwin has supported them since the early 80’s. Their focus is mainly on action, and that is exactly why they deserve the support. They are needed out there, because the planet is out of time and waiting for the world leaders makes no sense, since they do not even seem to be able to agree on the fact that we are pushing the limits of the earth’s resources.


What is not so widely known is the fact that they work together with local governments and people to help protect sealife. Lately they teamed up with the Senegalese minister of Fisheries to help him ban illegal fishing by European and Asian factory ships.

See what you can do: