Meet The Crew

12800383_1163890436954325_6999302404776485455_nEdwin, skipper of the Grace of Aberdeen, has been a live aboard for almost two decades now and delivered  yachts from and to many places as a delivery skipper. He sailed in both tropical and arctic waters. He is an HSE certified commercial diver, a surveyor and a sports diving instructor trainer. As an instructor he has also extra experience and licenses, among which underwater photography, marine biology and mixed gas diving.

Marjo during ARCMarjo , co skipper, is a keen traveller as well, though her professions were more ‘land and home based’. Starting in banking, she soon discovered that her real interest lies in the development of people. So she turned to human resources and training & development in which the development part played the bigger role. Hiking, biking, kayaking and rafting were her favourite ways to move around. Through Edwin she discovered sailing and the vastness of the oceans, and she was hooked.