Supporters & Sponsors

New Partnership with Anavre

We are very happy to announce a new partnership with the Spanish Cruising Association Anavre .  To show their support they offered us a honorary membership, for which we care absolutely grateful. We received the honorary membership from Oliver Solanas, vice president of Anavre, in the presence of the reporters from TV Canarias. Solanas:” With this gesture and help we hope to interest other associations, companies and institutions to join this important initiative for the environment.” Being supported by an official cruising association means a lot to us. By working together Anavre and Ocean Conservation aim to give cruising more meaning by creating awareness about… Read More

Donation from Brammer Sliedrecht!

Ocean Conservation has so far been a privately financed initiative, so we are glad with every donation and sponsorship! Emilio Minnai from Dutch company Bramer from Sliedrecht supplied us with a great amount of disks for the upcoming jobs on the hull. Silvia Langermans from Muns Techniek organized everything. Thanks a lot for your support!

Local support for the microplastic sampling by ARC’s Atlantic cruisers

600 one litre bottles, 600 sealing caps, 600 adhesives and 100 organic cotton bags, 100 copies of data sheets and sampling procedures: that is what it takes to provide 100 out of the 250 cruisers with the necessary ‘equipment’ to take watersamples on the way from Las Palmas Gran Canaria to the Caribbean island Santa Luciia. All the samples will be sent to the USA to be examined for the content of microplastics. More on this worldwide project on the website of Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation and of course on our own website. Everything displayed here was donated and/or sponsored… Read More

Inkcrea: quality in printing on much more than paper

We have come to know the ‘crew’ from Inkcrea as very helpful and dedicated to their job. They don’t just print, they also help making the best choices on material, outlines and all other aspects of desktop publishing. We are very grateful for their support for Ocean Conservation! Visit their website:

Rob Wink Serious Seatools and Schenker Watermakers

        When we started talking about which watermaker  to install on board, we did not have to think long where to turn for advice. We know Rob Wink to be a very reliable partner and his company Serious Seatools really delivers serious seatools that you can count on and that last a long time. Moreover his worldwide service is excellent. So it was obvious that we would choose a Schenker watermaker: the Smart 60. Schenker has the most energy efficient system on the market today (80% less power consumption than conventional models). Of the fellow cruisers we spoke that had a watermaker… Read More

Testimonial from the ‘Zeezwaluw Crew’

Early January 2014, we (Ineke and Riens Elswijk) met you both, during “the Dutch evening” at the Sailor’s Bar in Las Palmas Marina. During that evening, you were invited to enlighten the Dutch sailing community about the specifics of your unique “Round-the-World Sailing adventure”. Everyone was eager to learn more on the subject and meaning of the banner hanging at the bow of The ORION witch says: “Ocean Conservation, worldwide expedition vessel”. That day you sparked a fuse to make all of us aware of the dreadful state of the Oceans and the sea life in it. Due to the… Read More