Taking ‘Bringing Awareness into Action’ to the Next Level

You might have been curious to know what we have been doing the past couple of months; we admit that we have been rather quiet on the net. It hasn’t been exactly quite here in ‘real life’ though. We have been evaluating our past couple of years of ‘Bringing Awareness into Action’, we have asked a lot of people in our midst for feedback, and we have reached quite some interesting conclusions: First of all we have come to realize that we love to share the life that we live with other people. It is always a process of inspiration,… Read More

Micro 2016, the worldwide conference on Microplastics

From May 25 to 27 2016 worldwide researchers on the ‘fate and impact of microplastics in marine ecosystems’ gathered in Arrecife, Lanzarote to talk about the current state and developments. During these three days many presentations were given and many posters presented. One of them was Abby Barrows, researcher for, whom we finally got to meet, which was great! While staying on board of the ‘Orion’ she shared lots of insights in her work and we had lively conversations on the topic, also with other participants at the conference. Although we are not scientists ourselves, we were invited to… Read More

Upcoming events in May and June 2016

With Fimar 2016 our summer season to sail around the Canary Islands while taking samples for microplastics and help develop a methodology for sailors to report the sightings of cetaceans. Here is where you can find us the coming weeks: From May 25 to May 27 we will be present at Micro 2016, the international conference in Arrecife, Lanzarote. Together with many scientists we will talk about and listen to the latest information and developments around the global issue of microplastics. One week later, on June 3rd, we will give a presentation at Puerto Calero, also on Lanzarote, to be followed… Read More

Break Free: Dutch documentary filmed on R/V Orion of Aberdeen

‘Break Free’ is the title of a Dutch series of short documentaries about young people that lived their dream that was abruptly ended by a tragedy. Main focus is however on how these young people that broke free from the usual way of life, celebrated their life. One of these documentaries is about Laurens Higler, who (like his fellow world travellers Frederiek and Paul) became a close friend of ours during his stay in Las Palmas. The film  was partly made on the ‘Orion’ and was broadcast on Dutch TV (NPO3) on March 31 2016. De Wildevaart September 2014: sailing yacht… Read More

Citizen Research for Ocean Conservation: Canary Islands 2016

Past year we worked hard on the ‘Orion‘ to get ready for upcoming events and projects. Let us enlighten you about what these events, that will take place on and around the Canary Islands, will be. Purpose The purpose of these events is to create an increased awareness of the importance of the oceans among the people of the Canary Islands and their visitors. Not only do we want to focus on the problems that plastic pollutions are causing to the marine ecosystem, we also want to show the beauty and abundance of wildlife of this part of the Atlantic… Read More

Results of the ASC-ARC Microplastic Project

The results of the ASC-ARC microplastic project are here! The project, a co-production between Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, the World Cruising Club and Ocean Conservation and Research, took place during the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers of 2014. Emily Stifler Wolfe from Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation made an infograph about the results of the 602.000 square Nautical Miles area that the 93 participating boats covered to collect the samples. A stunning 97,5% of the samples contained pieces of microplastic; 2 of them had too many particles to count, according to scientist Abby Barrows. We are going to give a… Read More

Beach Clean Up at Playa de Bahia de Formas, Gran Canaria

Last Saturday we joined a beach clean up, organized by the community of Santa Lucia, Gran Canaria.  The ‘Bahia de Formas’ is a beach that is not very known by tourists; it is  mostly visited by local people. You have to drive a few roads off the beaten track to get there, past industrial areas and greenhouses. The community organizes beach clean ups throughout the year, to make people more aware about the environment, which is a really good initiative! For us it was a nice opportunity to meet new people, representing not only Ocean Conservation but also OceansWatch Atlantic. Upon… Read More

World Ocean Day 2015

Our partner Alianza Tiburiones Canarias is organising a solidarity run in honour of World Ocean Day on June 7th 2015, in Arinaga, Gran Canaria. Starting at noon, you can participate and walk/run along the coastline, with Atlantic Ocean views. This matches this year’s Ocean Day Theme ‘Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet’ perfectly!   So if you are around on Gran Canaria  you are more than welcome in Arinaga , at the Biblioplaya at the waterfront. The run starts at 12.00. We will be there to support them, and to give information about our own activities. It will also be the first time… Read More

Update on the ARC-ASC Microplastics Project

Last November 100 ARC participants took 6 empty bottles each to take samples for the microplastics project from our partner Adventureres and Scientists for Conservation. High time for a little update: Eventually  546 out of the 600 (91%!) bottles were delivered in St. Lucia. After they were collected by the ARC-team, they were shipped to Florida, where they had to wait a very long time before being transported to Maine, where the Laboratory is situated. The reason for the long delay was the severe winter in the North East of the USA; Abby Barrows, the leading scientist on the ASC Microplastics… Read More

600 Messages in a Bottle across the Atlantic Ocean

How it all started How do you organize an ocean conservation project that would really contribute to marine conservation, would raise awareness among the participants of the ARC and that would involve people actively in the subject? This was the question we asked ourselves while thinking about a workshop we were asked to give for the rally-participants. We contacted our partner Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation and talked to Emily Stifler and scientist Abby Barrows and set up a plan. The subject of microplastics in the oceans seemed to meet all the criteria. The goal was to provide Abby with 600 bottles of ocean… Read More