Conservation Partners

Partnership Agreement OceansWatch and Ocean Conservation

We are very excited to have signed a partnership agreement with OceansWatch ! Working closely together is a logical step, since OceansWatch projects are carried out from sailing yachts and since we dedicate ourselves and our vessel to ocean conservation projects. Promoting and supporting OceansWatch’s work worldwide, we will start on the Canary Islands as members of the newly started committee ‘OceansWatch Atlantic’. This committee will work on starting activities and projects in the Atlantic Ocean, including West African coastal areas. Very much looking forward to working together!

Conservation Partner Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation

When Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation asked us to be one of their Conservation Partners, we didn’t need much time to answer that question. Of course it was a big yes, we even felt honoured…. The power of their concept lies in its simplicity: by involving people like you and me in scientific research, scientists obtain much needed and hard to get by information. It is hands~on and efficient. And it is necessary: we face many challenging conservation issues nowadays that need a solid basis for solid solutions. When we started our concept for Ocean Conservation, supporting science was part… Read More


Oceanswatch is an NGO that is based in New Zealand. Chris Bone, the leader and founder, is unstoppable when it comes to his motto Cruising with a Cause. The cause is helping coastal communities conserve their marine environments, develop sustainable livelihoods and ensure access to primary schools. Doing that he works with sailors, divers and scientists worldwide. Every year new projects are being set up. For instance they teach how to do reef checks and help communities set up new business, like the Coconut Oil Project. In this the women on the Solomon Islands form a cooperative to sell organic coconut oil.… Read More

Sea Shepherd

The third organization we would like to bring to your attention is Sea Shepherd. This is a bit of a different story, because they already have a lot of exposure. Edwin has supported them since the early 80’s. Their focus is mainly on action, and that is exactly why they deserve the support. They are needed out there, because the planet is out of time and waiting for the world leaders makes no sense, since they do not even seem to be able to agree on the fact that we are pushing the limits of the earth’s resources. What is… Read More