Taking ‘Bringing Awareness into Action’ to the Next Level

You might have been curious to know what we have been doing the past couple of months; we admit that we have been rather quiet on the net. It hasn’t been exactly quite here in ‘real life’ though. We have been evaluating our past couple of years of ‘Bringing Awareness into Action’, we have asked a lot of people in our midst for feedback, and we have reached quite some interesting conclusions: First of all we have come to realize that we love to share the life that we live with other people. It is always a process of inspiration,… Read More

Micro 2016: The Lanzarote Declaration

Lanzarote Declaration 21 st June 2016 From May 25-27, the MICRO 2016 international conference on microplastics was held in the UNESCO Biosphere reserve of Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain. Rooted in the MICRO 2014 international workshop in Plouzané, France and the MICRO 2015 seminar in Piran, Slovenia, MICRO 2016 provided an opportunity to share available knowledge, fill in gaps, identify new questions and engage the scientific community through the work presented and the Lanzarote Declaration. We recognize that the Lanzarote Declaration stems from previous regional, national, and international efforts such as: The London Convention (1972); the Barcelona Convention (1976); the MARPOL… Read More

School kids on Board!

Today the 6th graders from the C.E.I.P. Cesare Manrique in Tahiche (Lanzarote) celebrated their last day at school before the summer in the Marine Arrecife. They took a look at the Orion, too. It is always great to talk with kids about the importance of the oceans. We got critical questions about plastic pollution, dolphins and whales around the islands, and showed them our special features on board.  And of course it was super interesting to look through a microscope and see what microplastic looks like! 

Micro 2016, the worldwide conference on Microplastics

From May 25 to 27 2016 worldwide researchers on the ‘fate and impact of microplastics in marine ecosystems’ gathered in Arrecife, Lanzarote to talk about the current state and developments. During these three days many presentations were given and many posters presented. One of them was Abby Barrows, researcher for, whom we finally got to meet, which was great! While staying on board of the ‘Orion’ she shared lots of insights in her work and we had lively conversations on the topic, also with other participants at the conference. Although we are not scientists ourselves, we were invited to… Read More

Upcoming events in May and June 2016

With Fimar 2016 our summer season to sail around the Canary Islands while taking samples for microplastics and help develop a methodology for sailors to report the sightings of cetaceans. Here is where you can find us the coming weeks: From May 25 to May 27 we will be present at Micro 2016, the international conference in Arrecife, Lanzarote. Together with many scientists we will talk about and listen to the latest information and developments around the global issue of microplastics. One week later, on June 3rd, we will give a presentation at Puerto Calero, also on Lanzarote, to be followed… Read More

FIMAR 2016: an Impression

We look back on a great weekend at FIMAR 2016! Thanks to the support of friends, we could build a great stand and talk to a lot of people about our activities and what can be done to save the oceans. Also, we had a lot of media coverage. Here is a little impression: Tic Tac media made a nice video about the event, you can spot us at 10:45:

Ocean Conservation and Research at FIMAR 2016

FIMAR is an annual nautical event which takes place from May 6 to May 8 in Las Palmas. There are lots of activities for everyone, like sailing, supping and kayaking. And next to the presentations of many nautical companies, there will be attention for the science of the oceans too. This year’s motto is: The Ocean is Energy. Our focus will be on our upcoming project Citizen Research for Ocean Conservation Canary Islands 2016. During FIMAR you can have a sneak preview, with highlights on the abundance of cetaceans in the waters around the Canary Islands. We will also pay attention… Read More

Beach Clean Up at Playa de la Laya

Many watersport organizations take action when it comes to raising awareness about the plastic pollution of the oceans. One of them is the Surfrider Foundation Europe with their Ocean Initiatives. You can contact them and get the support to organize a beach clean up, which is exactly what Raul As from A La Bleue Etoile surf school did.     Together with Ciencia Compartida, part of the Marine Faculty of the University of Las Palmas Gran Canaria, ourselves and other volunteers, the beach of La Laja near Las Palmas was cleaned. The weather was gorgeous, so there were many sunbathers to… Read More

Break Free: Dutch documentary filmed on R/V Orion of Aberdeen

‘Break Free’ is the title of a Dutch series of short documentaries about young people that lived their dream that was abruptly ended by a tragedy. Main focus is however on how these young people that broke free from the usual way of life, celebrated their life. One of these documentaries is about Laurens Higler, who (like his fellow world travellers Frederiek and Paul) became a close friend of ours during his stay in Las Palmas. The film  was partly made on the ‘Orion’ and was broadcast on Dutch TV (NPO3) on March 31 2016. De Wildevaart September 2014: sailing yacht… Read More