Meet Grace: our new platform to Bring More Awareness

We already wrote about the changes that Ocean Conservation (and we) are going through at the moment. Two large steps have been taken: first our beloved Orion has been sold. Second : we bought Grace, a 85 ft Danish Cutter from 1925.

As always there are the emotions of letting go and the excitement of something new, so overall we can say we are pretty happy! Orion has served us well, she has been our very path finder. Grace will be the realization of our dream: a solid wooden ship with history, and ready and able to make more history.

Let us introduce her to you with a small photo impression:

We are so looking forward to sailing with her!

11 comments on Meet Grace: our new platform to Bring More Awareness

  1. Dear Edwin & Marjo

    Thank you for what you are doing for the Oceans! Respect!
    I wish you fair winds, lots of aventures!
    Sylvia Zon

  2. Hi Mario and Edwin
    I am a student of the colegio Hispano Británico on Lanzarote. I am currently working on a project concerning the impact of micro – and macroplastics on Lanzarote. I am going to study environmental science after the summer. I would be very happy if you could provide me with some information and facts. Keep up your good work.

    1. Hi Cecilia! Thank you for your interest in this topic, there is still a lot to be done here! There is also a lot of info out there, also on Lanzarote. Last year the Micro 2016 Conference was held on Lanzarote, with the world leading top scientists there to discuss microplastics and the impact. One of the conclusions was that there is a large data gap, there is still a lot to be researched.
      On Lanzarote research is also taking place: check out the Microtrofic Project on Facebook ( ) and .
      Good luck with everything!

    1. Thank you for comment Glen, so far we have only had very positive comments like yours about Grace, so we are really excited and looking forward to living on and working with her!

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