Taking ‘Bringing Awareness into Action’ to the Next Level

You might have been curious to know what we have been doing the past couple of months; we admit that we have been rather quiet on the net. It hasn’t been exactly quite here in ‘real life’ though. We have been evaluating our past couple of years of ‘Bringing Awareness into Action’, we have asked a lot of people in our midst for feedback, and we have reached quite some interesting conclusions:

First of all we have come to realize that we love to share the life that we live with other people. It is always a process of inspiration, learning, gaining new insights and supporting each other. ‘Bringing Awareness into Action’ has been taken place on many levels for many people; from realizing the importance of the oceans and refusing plastic bags to completely changing one’s life. The same goes for us. It has been tremendously enriching to be engaged in collecting data, talking to scientists, meeting so many new people with so many points of view. So far it has been a very rewarding experience which has given us a lot of insights in the world of science, politics and movements in the area of ocean conservation.

It is our goal to elaborate on that and to be able to be a larger platform to Bring More Awareness into More Action so that more people get inspired to live their lives according to who they really are and how they see their role on this beautiful planet. In the future we will focus less on collecting data for scientific research and more on (personal) awareness. It also implies a larger vessel to enable us to host more people. So exciting times ahead!

We will keep you ‘posted’ about our activities us on Facebook, where we will regularly write about our developments and anything important going on in the oceans. So stay tuned!



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