School kids on Board!

Today the 6th graders from the C.E.I.P. Cesare Manrique in Tahiche (Lanzarote) celebrated their last day at school before the summer in the Marine Arrecife. They took a look at the Orion, too. It is always great to talk with kids about the importance of the oceans. We got critical questions about plastic pollution, dolphins and whales around the islands, and showed them our special features on board.  And of course it was super interesting to look through a microscope and see what microplastic looks like! 


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  1. SO cool guys!! Yay!
    Ik zou hier graag aan mee willen werken, heb veel ervaring in m’n verleden opgedaan en zou het graag willen delen. For a great future via een goed doel en met geweldige mensen.

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