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Micro 2016: The Lanzarote Declaration

Lanzarote Declaration 21 st June 2016 From May 25-27, the MICRO 2016 international conference on microplastics was held in the UNESCO Biosphere reserve of Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain. Rooted in the MICRO 2014 international workshop in Plouzané, France and the MICRO 2015 seminar in Piran, Slovenia, MICRO 2016 provided an opportunity to share available knowledge, fill in gaps, identify new questions and engage the scientific community through the work presented and the Lanzarote Declaration. We recognize that the Lanzarote Declaration stems from previous regional, national, and international efforts such as: The London Convention (1972); the Barcelona Convention (1976); the MARPOL… Read More

School kids on Board!

Today the 6th graders from the C.E.I.P. Cesare Manrique in Tahiche (Lanzarote) celebrated their last day at school before the summer in the Marine Arrecife. They took a look at the Orion, too. It is always great to talk with kids about the importance of the oceans. We got critical questions about plastic pollution, dolphins and whales around the islands, and showed them our special features on board.  And of course it was super interesting to look through a microscope and see what microplastic looks like!