Ocean Conservation and Research at FIMAR 2016

Getting ready for FIMAR

Getting ready for FIMAR

FIMAR is an annual nautical event which takes place from May 6 to May 8 in Las Palmas. There are lots of activities for everyone, like sailing, supping and kayaking. And next to the presentations of many nautical companies, there will be attention for the science of the oceans too. This year’s motto is: The Ocean is Energy.

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Sei whale spotted near Las Palmas, February 2016

Our focus will be on our upcoming project Citizen Research for Ocean Conservation Canary Islands 2016. During FIMAR you can have a sneak preview, with highlights on the abundance of cetaceans in the waters around the Canary Islands. We will also pay attention to Empty the Tanks day, on May 7. On this day there will be activities against dolphins and orcas in captivitiy worldwide, also on these islands.

Taking microplastic samplesSecond part of our focus will be on microplastics. You can find out how we take samples from the surface water, and what microplastics looks like through a microscope! Last week we took samples from the Alcaravaneras Beach, together with Alicia Ulibarri from the Proyecto Microtrofic. Would you like to know how much microplastic there is in the samples? Come and find out!

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