Break Free: Dutch documentary filmed on R/V Orion of Aberdeen

‘Break Free’ is the title of a Dutch series of short documentaries about young people that lived their dream that was abruptly ended by a tragedy. Main focus is however on how these young people that broke free from the usual way of life, celebrated their life. One of these documentaries is about Laurens Higler, who (like his fellow world travellers Frederiek and Paul) became a close friend of ours during his stay in Las Palmas. The film  was partly made on the ‘Orion’ and was broadcast on Dutch TV (NPO3) on March 31 2016.

De Wildevaart


Wildevaart being greeted by Edwin upon arrival in Las Palmas

September 2014: sailing yacht ‘De Wildevaart’ arrives in Las Palmas. Especially for Edwin this was not just another sailing yacht arriving, he had been following her crew’s adventures, that started with refitting the entire boat, from the beginning. Meeting Laurens, Frederiek and Paul was the start of another adventure, quite different from what they had intended.



Frederiek, Laurens and Paul

‘De Wildevaart’ stays a while in Las Palmas. During these months we got to know Laurens, Frederiek and Paul a lot better and learned a lot about their adventures together so far. They also contributed greatly to our concept of Ocean Conservation and even took part in a joint presentation at the University in Las Palmas. After a short stop in the Canary Island La Palma, they continued to the Cape Verde Islands and the Caribbean. They made wonderful feel-good little clips about their adventures. On March 12 2015 we get the unbelievable news that Laurens was hit by a car in Puerto Rico. He was killed instantly.

Break Free: the filming


Paul and Frederiek being filmed by Geert Jan Lassche, the documentary maker

Paul en Frederiek chose Las Palmas as the main film location, because for the three of them this was where the real journey started. Having worked hard on ‘de Wildevaart’ and the preparation of the trip, Las Palmas was the first place where they were able to really lay back and look back on this intense process.



For us it was a special experience to be part of this all. First there was of course a job to be done: to make sure that the boat was perfect for both sailing and filming and helping out with finding suitable other locations to film. On the other hand it was also an emotional couple of days, sharing wonderful memories with Paul en Frederiek and feeling the intense sadness together about Laurens’ final absence.

IMG_4178 WEB USEWith Geert Jan Lassche as documentary maker and Tom van Aggelen from Skyhigh TV as producer, the film cannot be less than a wonderful tribute to a wonderful guy. We are proud that we were able to be part of this.



 To special friendships:



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