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Break Free: Dutch documentary filmed on R/V Orion of Aberdeen

‘Break Free’ is the title of a Dutch series of short documentaries about young people that lived their dream that was abruptly ended by a tragedy. Main focus is however on how these young people that broke free from the usual way of life, celebrated their life. One of these documentaries is about Laurens Higler, who (like his fellow world travellers Frederiek and Paul) became a close friend of ours during his stay in Las Palmas. The film  was partly made on the ‘Orion’ and was broadcast on Dutch TV (NPO3) on March 31 2016. De Wildevaart September 2014: sailing yacht… Read More

New Partnership with Anavre

We are very happy to announce a new partnership with the Spanish Cruising Association Anavre .  To show their support they offered us a honorary membership, for which we care absolutely grateful. We received the honorary membership from Oliver Solanas, vice president of Anavre, in the presence of the reporters from TV Canarias. Solanas:” With this gesture and help we hope to interest other associations, companies and institutions to join this important initiative for the environment.” Being supported by an official cruising association means a lot to us. By working together Anavre and Ocean Conservation aim to give cruising more meaning by creating awareness about… Read More

Ocean Conservation on TV Canarias about Microplastics

The subject of microplastics is becoming an issue on the Canary Islands. There are initiatives to ban plastics from the beaches and offer suggestions to reduce the use of plastic, like The Clean Ocean Project on Fuerteventura and the ULPGC, the University of Las Palmas, is investigating microplastics in the waters of the Canary Islands under the name of Proyecto Microtrofic.   The news on TV Canarias also picked up the subject , and interviewed us about it and about our activities. We talked about the importance of the oceans in general, the waste problem and our work with 5 Gyres and Adventurers… Read More

Citizen Research for Ocean Conservation: Canary Islands 2016

Past year we worked hard on the ‘Orion‘ to get ready for upcoming events and projects. Let us enlighten you about what these events, that will take place on and around the Canary Islands, will be. Purpose The purpose of these events is to create an increased awareness of the importance of the oceans among the people of the Canary Islands and their visitors. Not only do we want to focus on the problems that plastic pollutions are causing to the marine ecosystem, we also want to show the beauty and abundance of wildlife of this part of the Atlantic… Read More