Monthly Archives | May 2015

Partnership Agreement OceansWatch and Ocean Conservation

We are very excited to have signed a partnership agreement with OceansWatch ! Working closely together is a logical step, since OceansWatch projects are carried out from sailing yachts and since we dedicate ourselves and our vessel to ocean conservation projects. Promoting and supporting OceansWatch’s work worldwide, we will start on the Canary Islands as members of the newly started committee ‘OceansWatch Atlantic’. This committee will work on starting activities and projects in the Atlantic Ocean, including West African coastal areas. Very much looking forward to working together!

Update on the ARC-ASC Microplastics Project

Last November 100 ARC participants took 6 empty bottles each to take samples for the microplastics project from our partner Adventureres and Scientists for Conservation. High time for a little update: Eventually  546 out of the 600 (91%!) bottles were delivered in St. Lucia. After they were collected by the ARC-team, they were shipped to Florida, where they had to wait a very long time before being transported to Maine, where the Laboratory is situated. The reason for the long delay was the severe winter in the North East of the USA; Abby Barrows, the leading scientist on the ASC Microplastics… Read More

Under Construction

We might have been quite on the net, in ‘real life’ it is quite a different story….. Past months we have finally been able to focus on the maintenance of our boat, changing some items on the way as well. Before involving ourselves in larger projects, we want to finish this  so that everything is up to date and up and running as it should. One of the things we changed is the the pulpit; having to change the railing resulted into a ‘pulpit including love seat’  and the perfect place for dolphin watching.   We also removed a lot… Read More