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ARC 2014: 602.000 squares nautical miles, 600 samples for microplastic research

This post also appeared in an edited post on the National Geographic Explorer’s Blog, you can see it by clicking here. Every year in November around 250 boats set sail from Las Palmas Gran Canaria to Santa Lucia in the Caribbean, in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. It is the largest rally in the world. This year 100 of them will have a special mission: collecting 6 bottles of ocean waters for the research of microplastic.  Emily Wolfe from our conservation partner Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation,  reports on their blog: Picture of the Atlantic By Emily Wolfe Before the… Read More

Local support for the microplastic sampling by ARC’s Atlantic cruisers

600 one litre bottles, 600 sealing caps, 600 adhesives and 100 organic cotton bags, 100 copies of data sheets and sampling procedures: that is what it takes to provide 100 out of the 250 cruisers with the necessary ‘equipment’ to take watersamples on the way from Las Palmas Gran Canaria to the Caribbean island Santa Luciia. All the samples will be sent to the USA to be examined for the content of microplastics. More on this worldwide project on the website of Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation and of course on our own website. Everything displayed here was donated and/or sponsored… Read More