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Professor Richard Steiner on oil drilling in the Canarian waters

Richard Steiner, Professor at the University of Alaska, with 30 years of experience in the oil drilling industry, spoke today at the press conference aboard the Arctic Sunrise, one of Greenpeace’s ships. The vessel visits Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to put an emphasis on their campaign against Repsol’s plans to search for oil east of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. Last year the ‘cabildo’ (local government) of Fuerteventura approached professor Steiner with a request to take a closer look at Repsol’s plans and to give a technical advice on these plans. His conclusions were: Drilling in the Canarian waters is extremely… Read More

OceansWatch’s Invaluable Work on the Solomon Islands

The latest newsletter from Oceanswatch gives such a great impression of their wonderful work in the Pacific Islands that we thought we share it with you on our website: Solomon Islands Update 2014: September- October September and October have been very busy months, with our yacht Anna Rose finally reaching the Solomon Islands. In Lata, Santa Cruz, we met with local government, ran a workshop on marine threats such as crown-of-thorns, and weathered a serious thunderstorm. Anna Rose then sailed off from Lata towards the low-lying Reef Islands. The crew received a tear-jerking welcome in Mola’a, complete with singing, local bamboo bands and traditional kastom… Read More

Marine Biodiversity Week in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, November 10-14

Every year the SAO (Atlantic Society for Oceanography) in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria organizes the Mariea Biodiversity Week. During that week there are daily talks about developments in marine sciences that are open to the public. In that way the SAO attempts to involve the public more in marine life in general. Many people, even people on an island like Gran Canaria, are not aware of the developments in and around the oceans, so this is a very welcome initiative. The SAO also seeks international contributors for this week. We have the honour to present  our Ocean Conservation activities… Read More

Upcoming events

We will not exactly be bored the next weeks! First of all, the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (organized yearly by the World Cruising Club )  will depart from Las Palmas in November. Around 250 sailing yachts will leave for Santa Lucia in the largest cruising event in the world. Prior to their departure there will be workshops about many topics, and Ocean Conservation will be one of them. In three identical sessions we will give the participating cruisers information about how they can contribute to invaluable scientific research by collecting data. We will do this together with our conservation partner Adventurers and… Read More

New logo for Ocean Conservation

Meet Louise Mertens, a very talented Belgian young designer, that we met only two months ago. She made an impressive book called Floating World, in which she shows the effects of climate change around the planet and how people deal with the consequences of rising sea levels. In a beautiful art direction she literally gives a clear picture of this major global issue. So when she offered to take a look at our logo and make some suggestions we didn’t hesitate at all. This is what she came up with and we are over the moon with it! We could… Read More

Inkcrea: quality in printing on much more than paper

We have come to know the ‘crew’ from Inkcrea as very helpful and dedicated to their job. They don’t just print, they also help making the best choices on material, outlines and all other aspects of desktop publishing. We are very grateful for their support for Ocean Conservation! Visit their website:

(Con)sciencia Compartida: Shared (Con)science at Las Palmas University

 Just last week we were invited by Ciencia Compartida to give a lecture for the faculty of Oceanography of the Las Palmas University. Ciencia Compartida is a group of dedicated students that organizes weekly talks on the subject of marine sciences. Our talk turned out to be both the start of the 4th season and presentation number 100. Not only did they want to know about Ocean Conservation, they also wanted to find out why and how we live our lives on a boat. So with the latter subject we started our presentation: Edwin explained how and why he had… Read More