Conservation Partner Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation

When Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation asked us to be one of their Conservation Partners, we didn’t need much time to answer that question. Of course it was a big yes, we even felt honoured….

The power of their concept lies in its simplicity: by involving people like you and me in scientific research, scientists obtain much needed and hard to get by information. It is hands~on and efficient. And it is necessary: we face many challenging conservation issues nowadays that need a solid basis for solid solutions.

When we started our concept for Ocean Conservation, supporting science was part of the plan. It turned out that Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation had a perfect formula for us to participate in scientific research: by collecting data (in our case for microplastics) we automatically got more interested in the subject and learned a lot. It increased our awareness about how serious of a problem the plastic pollution is, and what we can do to contribute to the solution. We are using a lot less plastic in our daily life.

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But never did it cross our minds that our ‘simply’ gathering data would create so much awareness with people around us. Here is a little anecdote to illustrate what I mean:

A fellow sailor wanted to cut a piece of Perspex. He put part of it on the jetty, started cutting, which caused the ‘sawplastic’ to fall into the water. I had just finished eating a piece of cake, so I took the plate and walked towards him.‘Thank you’, he said,’ but I don’t need any help.’ ‘I think you might’, I answered, and held the plate under the cut, so that the little pieces of debris would fall onto the plate instead of in the water. He looked at me with big eyes and said: ‘Oh my God, now I know what you mean! I read about this, and this rubbish is going to be fish food, and I know how terrible it is! Thank you for making me aware!’ We had a good laugh about It. He went back to the boat, took out his vacuum cleaner, and while cutting the rest made sure that no plastic was wasted in the water.

This is our part of the story; watch this video of one of the scientists, Abby Barrows, what her experience with Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation is and how it helps her research about microplastics.

Click the link to watch the video:

Click the link to watch the video:

We think the concept of Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation really works: not only is it a great way to support scientists, it also brings awareness about how much conservation is needed. It is a very good way to learn about and get involved in conservation issues.

So we encourage  you to take a look at their website and check out their possibilities to help collect data. You don’t necessary have to be a sailor, any outdoor activity will do!


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