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People´s Climate March in Las Palmas

No, the header photograph does not represent Las Palmas, it was taken in New York City. This is what it looked like here in Gran Canaria: Two days before the UN Summit for Climate Change  starts in New York. Worldwide Climate Marches are organized, the largest one in New York City itself. We had checked on whether there was one in Las Palmas, and yes, there was one mentioned! 85 people had signed up to come. Though we could not find someone to get in touch with, we decided to go anyway and gathered with 12 friends to go… Read More

Rob Wink Serious Seatools and Schenker Watermakers

        When we started talking about which watermaker  to install on board, we did not have to think long where to turn for advice. We know Rob Wink to be a very reliable partner and his company Serious Seatools really delivers serious seatools that you can count on and that last a long time. Moreover his worldwide service is excellent. So it was obvious that we would choose a Schenker watermaker: the Smart 60. Schenker has the most energy efficient system on the market today (80% less power consumption than conventional models). Of the fellow cruisers we spoke that had a watermaker… Read More

Conservation Partner Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation

When Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation asked us to be one of their Conservation Partners, we didn’t need much time to answer that question. Of course it was a big yes, we even felt honoured…. The power of their concept lies in its simplicity: by involving people like you and me in scientific research, scientists obtain much needed and hard to get by information. It is hands~on and efficient. And it is necessary: we face many challenging conservation issues nowadays that need a solid basis for solid solutions. When we started our concept for Ocean Conservation, supporting science was part… Read More