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Testimonial from the ‘Zeezwaluw Crew’

Early January 2014, we (Ineke and Riens Elswijk) met you both, during “the Dutch evening” at the Sailor’s Bar in Las Palmas Marina. During that evening, you were invited to enlighten the Dutch sailing community about the specifics of your unique “Round-the-World Sailing adventure”. Everyone was eager to learn more on the subject and meaning of the banner hanging at the bow of The ORION witch says: “Ocean Conservation, worldwide expedition vessel”. That day you sparked a fuse to make all of us aware of the dreadful state of the Oceans and the sea life in it. Due to the… Read More

Crowdfunding: our experience with Indiegogo

A couple of weeks our Indiegogo-campaign ‘Air and Water for Our Worldwide Expedition Vessel’ ended. Time to look back at the results. The hard facts & figures In 60 days we managed to raise 7% of our GBP 8.500,00 goal, so GBP 648,00. Now you may think that we are unhappy with the result. Of course we would have wanted to reach our funding goal. However, the effect of the campaign was a lot more than ‘just’ money, it was a major learning process. What we learned from it Preparations for a fundraise campaign start way earlier than we thought… Read More