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Oceanswatch and climate change on Pele Island

According to scientists the islands in the South Pacific are in the ‘global front line’ when it comes to dealing with climate change. One of the affected islands is Pele Island, part of Vanuatu. From the website : “Historical climate data for Vanuatu is limited, but there is some evidence of a trend towards warmer and drier conditions over the past half century (FAO 2008). This trend is projected to continue, with the south-western Pacific experiencing a regional temperature rise of 2°C by 2050 and lower average precipitation, a pattern associated with El Niño-type weather conditions, although the impact… Read More

Trawl trial

An edited version of this post also features on: You can read it by clicking here . It was a perfect day to try the trawl we received from 5 Gyres : blue skies, around 10 knots of wind, smooth seas and good company. We wanted to try it out here in the waters around Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, before we leave for a larger trip and see how the concept worked and what the effect would be on the speed and the steering of the boat. Edwin had already figured out a way how to put the trawl in… Read More