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World Ocean Weekend 2014

We had a great program for World Ocean’s Day! Together with students from Ciencia Compartida from Las Palmas University we would sail down to Arinaga in the south west of Gran Canaria. There we would be welcomed by Fernando Reiz from the Alianzia Tiburones Canarias , who organized a run for the sharks.  In the afternoon we would receive two groups of kids on board and have a small talk with them about the sharks that live around the islands and about plastic pollution in the ocean. On our way back we would have the first experience with the trawler… Read More

Research for microplastic in the oceans

About a month ago, Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation (ASC) asked us if we were willing to have a trawl on board for a while. Now why would a sailor do that, knowing that it would be a drag (literally!) and slow him down for time it would be hanging next to his boat, and have a considerable impact on the journey that would already take a long time? The answer is obvious: because with this trawl we can help collect data about microplastic in the oceans. Who is Marcus Eriksen is one of the co-founders, who became… Read More