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Our plans for World Ocean’s Day on June 8

June 8 is World Ocean’s Day. Of course we cannot let this day go unattended! So here are our plans: Together with Sarah, Nati, Richi, Hector and Eugenio from Ciencia Compartida (meaning shared science) we will sail from Las Palmas  to the bay of  Arinaga.  Ciencia Compartida is part of the Las Palmas University and organizes various lectures and readings about oceanographic science and development. They are really an enthusiastic bunch of people! On the way we will have an excellent opportunity to take watersamples for the Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation ‘s microplastic project, trying out the trawl we got from… Read More

Launching our Indiegogo campaign: Awareness in Action on our Worldwide Expedition Vessel

In the final stage of turning Orion of Aberdeen from a go-anywhere boat to a stay-anywhere-as-long-as-needed-for-an-ocean-conservation-project-boat we started a crowdfunding campaign. Our goal: Air and Water ! Read the full content of the campaign on : Or in this article, starting with the pitch video: We, Edwin and Marjo, have been live aboards for a while now. It is an amazing experience: the vastness of the ocean, visiting coastal communities and islands, dolphins playing around the bow….. It is also a life that has made us really aware in many ways. Especially it made us aware about the… Read More