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Spaceship Earth and the Role of its Passengers

The last decade both Edwin and Marjo became deeply aware about the way that everything in nature is interrelated. It is something that happened naturally by spending time in the woods, in the mountains and on the oceans. Living on a boat is for us one of the ultimate ways to experience that. We see life passing by in a very different way now. Not from a daily life as in going to work, taking kids to the next football game, taking care of the house one lives in. No, we see life passing by now by watching the role… Read More

An Old New Vessel for Haiti

Past weeks the Muelle Deportivo in Las Palmas had an extraordinary visitor: Le Rêve de Mousse, an old French fishing vessel.  The new captain, Max Bordey, is founder of Aquadev, an Haitian foundation that supports local fishing communities. His crew is equally extraordinary: the puppeteers from Marionetes Nomades. Together they are on a mission to bring the ship and some enlightenment to Haiti, that is still recovering from the earthquake in 2010. Max turned out to be an inspiring leader for the project. With lots of enthusiasm he told the new tasks for the vessel. First of all it will… Read More