Ocean Conservation and Research

When we (Edwin and Marjo) decided to live together on a sailing boat and make the whole wide world our backyard, we wanted to give it more meaning, we wanted to give something back to the oceans. Both of us were aware that a healthy marine ecosystem is essential for the whole planet, and that the state of the oceans is deteriorating because of climate change, acidification, overfishing and pollution. With ‘Ocean Conservation and Research’ we aim to provide a worldwide platform for research, education and connection with our sailing research vessel the ‘ Grace of  Aberdeen’, thus contributing to the sustainability of the oceans.

Our three-fold mission

???????????????????????????????As a platform for research we facilitate marine scientists and documentary makers in their work by hosting them on board and (help) collect data. With this we aim to contribute to gaining further in-depth knowledge about the oceans and their importance. Because of our low energy use, and thus leaving behind a minimal carbon footprint, we can work in a far more cost effective way than a usual motor powered rIMG_4178 WEB USEesearch vessel.Moreover, because of the size of the Orion, we can explore (coastal) areas that are otherwise hard to reach. Thus we can help scientific research by filling data gaps. With the availability of both a RIB (deployable at all times), 2 kayaks and diving gear on board we can provide less evasive ways to do research and to facilitate the making of documentaries.

As a platform for education we aim to be a communication channel for the general public by increasing knowledge and awareness about the developments in the oceans. We do this through presentations and interactive activities with communities, universities and schools. It is our own experience that contributing to scientific reseEdwin explaining trawlarch through citizen science makes people want to know more and makes them want to be part of the solution. With the current threats for the oceans it is our belief that engaging people through citizen science increases the willingness to take action.


Wrld Ocean Day 2015As a platform for connections we aim to bring parties involved together to combine and thus strengthen the efforts to provide solutions for emerging problems. In this we work together with NGO’s and universities.



Eager to know more?

Whether you need data for your coastal or oceanographic research, want to make a documentary in a remote area of would like to see and hear about our experiences, don’t hesitate to get in touch and learn about our possibilities.